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Advanced Class is based on the AKC Community Canine Test--Dogs must have earned their AKC, Canine Good Citizen before advancing to this class. The team can NOT use a pinch collar or halti, they should have progressed beyond needing this type of collar. A flat buckle type collar, chain collar, or martingale collar is acceptable. On week 6 The Community Canine is performed in a PUBLIC SETTING and each student is given a report card. This class builds on the skills your dog already has and helps you to successfully perform them as a team with many distractions.

Some of the weeks we may meet in other public locations. Some of the challenges of this class are, food distractions, recall with distractions , handler walks 20 feet away and dog does a sit/down stay, Greetings with person carrying an object such as a backpack, wait at a door, ALL walking is on a loose leash.

6 week sessions $150.00

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